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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ukumbi...

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Location

Location, Ukumbi, location… As always location is of utmost importance and when it comes to your wedding day this is no different. Ultimately you should follow your heart and choose a place that best reflects your tastes as a couple; usisubiri wanakamati wakuchaguliege!!. Find a place you and your friends and relatives can relax in and your wedding is sure to be a wonderful day...sio sehemu ya kizushi tuuu!!. In recent years more and more unique locations have become available so whether you are an adventurous couple looking to tie the knot at the zoo or you just want that perfect stately home, start your search with a clear idea and you won’t go wrong. Inapendeza when umewaita watu for the first kikao, unakua ushasort out ishu ya ukumbi!!

When you’re deciding on the location for your nuptials it is important to decide how many people will attend. Will you send invites to all friends and extended family resulting in a huge guest list or would you prefer an intimate wedding? Ya washkaji wa karibu tu?? It is worth remembering that your eventual choice of location may affect the overall amount of rsvp’s. Is the venue convenient to get to? Will you contribute to travel expenses?
How many people??

How do you want your wedding day to be? The style is all important when you’re thinking about location. Will you want to be outside or inside? Beach? Pool side?? Will you have the service and reception in the same place? Vinywaji vinapatikana hapo hapo?? chakula je?

Whether you want a conservative traditional church wedding and formal reception or a relaxed ceremony in a sunny location followed by a huge party then it is best to visit the various locations and find out how open they are to your ideas.

Outside or inside?

Think about how much of your overall wedding budget you would like to spend on the location and venue. Wajitolea venue au wategemea uchangiwe? If you have your heart set on a particular location there could be ways to get round a tight budget. If your wedding date is flexible then opt for out of season date when the cost of your venue may be up to half of the cost.Kuna kumbi the cost za week days ni ndogo ukilinganisha na za week ends

An alternative way to save money on your wedding location is looking into using more unusual or unused spaces. Why not consider the local park or city zoo au viwanja vya michezo; golf? football? ila hapo uwe na mpambaji wa maana!! Otherwise if you have a friend or acquaintance with a large house and garden you could use this and install marquees. 

You will need to consider how well equipped any potential locations are for you and your guests. Will there be enough parking? If you want to make a grand entrance do you have to walk far and will you want to in a wedding dress?

The best way to decide on the perfect location is to book a visit and get the owner to talk you through the facilities and what is on offer.

Will there be enough parking?

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