Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hofu na Keki ya Harusi?– whatever your budget

The Chocolated one

A cake is the stunning centrepiece of your wedding – and cutting it is a magical moment for any couple. A fabulous cake doesn’t have to break the bank, and even if you're on a tight budget, you can you still add a delicious slice of luxury to your day. usiogope asee.

Wedding cake worries

Wedding cakes are rarely seen as an optional extra on the big day, and many couples worry about being charged over the odds for a suitably elegant cake. Of course, you can absolutely blow the budget on confection; at last year's Dallas Bridal Show a display cake worth $1.3 million, decorated with clusters of sapphires and 1,200 carats of diamonds, was reported to be the world’s most expensive wedding cake. UPO HAPOO!! And even closer to home, cakes can be costly. A luxury cake by one of the UK's most popular designers could cost you in the region of £1,500. Kibongobongo yaweza kuwa hadi ONE 'M'! Lakini hata za laki moja ivii zipoo ee.


Cutting cake costs

Sponge and chocolate cakes tend to be less expensive than fruit, so always look at every option when choosing your cake. Cupcake towers are incredibly popular and can cut costs dramatically. Most cake designers can give you a quote on cupcakes, or why not consider baking your own, adding romantic or personal designs to the topping.

If you want the look of a tall, impressive cake but don’t want to spend the earth, you can also consider dummy tiers - polystyrene blocks cleverly disguised as lower cake tiers. Or, reduce the cost of your cake by baking your own sponge or fruit cakes, then having them iced professionally. umeona eeee!!

Buying basic tiers and decorating them yourself is another way to make a saving. Rather than splashing out on expensive decorations. Twende kwa baking trainings sasa.

Buying a cake from a high street retailer, rather than a specialist cake maker, also saves money – and you don't have to compromise on quality.

Apo Jeee?
Kuna wataalamu wa kutosha wa hizi mambo..Just give them a chance.You can also build your own traditional wedding cake with prices low price. Order your own combination of tiers, available in four sizes, to suit the size and style of your wedding. You can mix and match or even have just one tier for an intimate occasion. Personalising each tier with colour coordinated flowers or decorations will make your wedding cake unique and unlike any other. Iko yaendana na wedding color ee.

Cake carriage

If you're ordering a wedding cake, ask about transport as your cake designer may charge extra for delivery and set-up at the venue. You can save money by transporting the cake yourself - and it doesn’t have to be daunting. As long as the cake is constructed on a sturdy base, transportation should be straightforward. If the cake is a standard size, you may be able to buy cake boxes to make life even easier.
Stacked cakes can usually be assembled before they are transported, but if the cake is on pillars you'll need to assemble it at the venue. Rather than carrying the cake from the car to the venue, use a trolley and make sure the venue is prepared for your arrival so you can take the cake straight inside.
Kinyumbani zaidi

Make sure you have a repair kit to hand, just in case anything does go wrong, including extra icing and decorations, and if you need to store the cake at home before it travels to the venue, store it in a cool, dry place in clearly marked boxes to avoid any confusion or disaster.


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