Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Don’t You: Hold your Reception under a Big Tree!

Among the hectic part of planning your wedding may be how to find the venue for your wedding ceremony. But I am telling you, it might be so amazing and definitely beautiful to have your party under a big tree. But a big question might be; ARE THERE SUCH TREES IN DAR ES SALAAM? ARUSHA? MWANZA? MBEYA? MOSHI? MOROGORO? hahahahaaaaah....LET US KEEP OUR CITIES GREEN TO MAINTAINED SUCH BEAUTIFUL VENUES.

get married under a tree outdoor wedding venues

There are so many ways to get married and so many places to do it.  But when I see these photographs I can't think of a better place to exchange vows than under a big beautiful tree.

wedding under tree from Jonas Peterson via 100 layer cake
elegant outdoor wedding ceremony vows beneath tree 

Do you see what I mean?  The tree is so symbolic and it is almost as if the branches are giving the whole wedding a big hug.  I just love it.

urban outdoor wedding ceremony under birch tree

So tell me, did you or are you gonna hold your reception under a tree? Would you want to?  Chime in!

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Elizabeth Emmanuel said...

Are there any places in Dar with such amazing locations that you'd recommend?