Friday, June 1, 2012

Maids as Spices in the Wedding

Tight & Short; kitu cha blue
Planning a wedding might sound so hectic if one does not take considerations to some very small details. Among some issues that may not be weighed as expected are MAIDS. It is definately that maids spice the wedding so much. Picture a wedding without maids. In the todays style, maids would 'sweep' the foor for the bride and groom to match. They would walk stylishly on the red carpet with the most popular dancing style now days; KWAITO. They would like the Bongo Kwaito in Tanzania like Hakunaga by Suma Lee, Mawazo by  Diamond or the South African ones by Malaika like Mutudza. The hall would doubtlessly be warmed up before the arrival of the bride and the groom.

Long & Mpasuoz!

Again, the maids shower the wedding with the wedding colour. They would be in brown, dark blue, silver, hot yellow, purple, black, gold and so on, just to mention a few preffered colours n 2012.

It is usually the case that maids' roles to be met by females, but, in modern weddings one would also find males. The combination would usually make it looks so wonderful. the wedding would be so colurful.

Now, the problem in planning the wedding might rise if the maids weren't in the plan.

Single-button!! Kitu cha gold & Maroon;
Kwa arusi ya Saida Mwilima
This will be a problem since maids are likely to affect the wedding budget. Some people would opt to let maids pay for their clothes as part of their wedding contribution. Others would prefer members of the family or close friends to play that role. In whichever case, since many would like maids to have the same physical outlooks, there may rise a problem of having maids of the preffered looks. If you did not know, now days there are young boys and girls who make themselves available to pose as maids in different wedding ceremonies?! All you have to do is pay them the amount they want, they will take care of the clothes in
accordance with the  colour
of your wedding.This is life banaaa.

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