Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wedding Theme Ideas....WATOKAAJE!

Wedding  Theme Ideas
Stuck for your wedding theme? We can help with a few ideas to help you find the style that suits you best. It could be the location, the season or your dream...if you can imagine it you can turn it into your wedding theme.

So you’re getting married but before you start planning it’s a good idea to decide on a theme. It is not absolutely essential to have a theme but it could help your big day feel more complete and be more personal to you, your husband and your guests. Brainstorm and get creative or employ the services of a professional wedding planner who can come up with plenty of ideas and have experience of what works. Incorporate the theme as much or as little as you feel comfortable from themed tables and favors to full on fancy dress costume for your guests; you decide!

Fairytale Theme...kama Muswati Je?
If it’s you want a truly magical day a fairytale theme could be for you. Create your own idea of a fantastical fairytale. Really dress like a princess..wajiachia kifamilia ya kifalme hivi.. and the groom as prince charming. Take inspiration from tales you’re read au muvi fulani umeangalia vileee... Name your tables after characters and even incorporate fun elements into the day.

Retro Theme
Step back in time and embrace all the quirks of the past with your wedding theme. Choose your favorite era and run with it. Take your big day back to the roaring twenties. Put a dress code of flapper dresses for the girls and smart tailoring for the boys. Think decadent for the food and drink and find an art deco venue to really set the scene. If it’s an 80’s theme decorate with glitter balls and enjoy disco music and you could even do a retro food menu; remember the classic prawn cocktail. For the 60’s think hippies and flower power, for table decorations you could scatter mini peace signs and include the mammas and papas and the beetles on your playlist.

Seasonal Theme
You could draw inspiration for your wedding from the season in which your big day will take place. For the colder months why not go for the Winter Wonderland theme and choose a palette of silver and purple or rich gold and red hues. Accessorize with sparkle; on your dress, in your tiara and even in your flower bouquet. You could arrive by carriage and add drama to your look by wearing a velvet cape or fur stole. If it’s a spring wedding you’re organizing choose bright colors and make the most of all the flowers that have sprung.

Personalized Theme
Choose a theme that is inspired by you. If you’re a couple that loves golf turn up for the wedding on a golf buggy and name your reception tables after famous golf courses; you could even hold the wedding at a golf resort. Maybe you’re a couple that love film so much you want to add a touch of cinematic inspiration to your big day. Add popcorn to your table flower displays. Roll out the red carpet at your reception and hire a projector screen to play your favorite movies in the background.

Kitu cha Golf wedding

Kitu cha Jeans wedding!! Put your taste

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