Monday, September 16, 2013

Bi Harusi na Vidani....Chains za Gold?

Bridal Jewelry Ideas
Wapendelea big bold bling or more subtle jewelry? Ngoja nikudokeze (kwa msaada wa internet sources) what to wear and how to wear it. Angalia the right wedding jewellery for your big day and walk up the aisle in style.
It might seem as all jewelry that matters on the big day is the wedding rings, but there's a lot more to consider when it comes to choosing bridal jewellery. Choose pieces that flatter you and the dress. It's important to spend some time considering what you want and whether it matches with the elements of your bridal 'look'.

Think about the style of your dress and reflect that in the jewellery. If you have a vintage dress, look for jewellery from the era for an authentic feel or you could combine vintage fashions with contemporary jewellery for a unique twist. If your wedding is traditional it is a good idea to choose jewellery that is contemporary but not over fussy or heavy. If you're at a loss, stick the classics; diamonds and pearls are bride’s favorites for a reason.

Match or Mismatch
When you're deciding which earrings suit you, consider how you hair will be on the day. If you have a pair of drop earrings it is likely they will become a bit lost when teamed with down styles.
If you're having a gothic inspired wedding or something as equally untraditional, then consider choosing jewellery that enhances your overall feel. Why not choose deep ruby stones in a bracelet or ruby encrusted earrings.

Costume Jewellery
If you have a tight budget for your wedding then consider buying costume jewellery to make a style statement and make you feel like a princess.

If you don't have any really special jewellery, why not ask your relatives if there is a heirloom in the family. To avoid unnecessary stress, ensure that the jewellery is insured. You could even make your choice of jewellery have significance; for example choose pieces that incorporate your birth stone. Otherwise why not buy more expensive pieces of jewellery and saving it to give to future children later in life.

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