Monday, September 16, 2013

Wedding Ceremony Flowers & Decorations

Wedding Ceremony Flowers & Decorations
What's a wedding reception without stunning flowers and great decorations? hapa natupia maujanja kidogo to help you create the most beautiful wedding ceremony.
A wedding ceremony wouldn't be the same without well thought out decorations and flowers. Whether it's a scattering of lilies in winter or bright yellow daffodils in springtime they all have their place and you when it comes to your big day you will need to decide on the flowers you want. You could also add candles, drapes and balloons to complete the look.

Flower Archway
An outdoor wedding ceremony lends itself nicely to having a decorative arch made of flowers or balloons. If it's flowers you want, create a wire frame and incorporate stems of roses, peonies and lilies. The overall effect will be really romantic and really focus the attention on the happy couple.

Whether you're looking for a traditional rose bridal bouquet or a small colorful pomander ball bouquets for your bridesmaids just keep in mind your theme and the flowers of your ceremony will complete the look.

Garlands for Pews
There are so many ways to decorate the pews for your wedding. While many choose a simple ribbon, a nice way to decorate the pews is a long garland of flowers that connects the pews. A good base is a fern or something similar, and from there you can attach flowers that fit with your theme by using wires. The floral garland can be used as table decorations during the reception.

Fragrant Ceremony Flowers
Unless you suffer from allergies, flowers with a strong fragrance is a nice touch. Fragrances are known to evoke memories and will bring up memories of your wedding day for years to come. There are some fantastically fragrant flowers that are ideal for weddings as they are white. Flowers that are especially beautiful and fragrant includes Casablanca lilies, lilies of the valley and gardenias. Also garden roses, stock and Stargazer lilies are good options.

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