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How to Choose Your Wedding Ring: Wataka Kitu cha Gold au Silver?


An Guide To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Rings:

There are many important things to consider when choosing your wedding rings. There are numerous styles and fashions.
However, before you get excited and head to the nearest jewelery store there are a few important practical questions you need to answer first.
The more you narrow down your choice the easier it will be to find the perfect rings.
The list below is a very practical list to help you make some practical choices. Remember; you will wear your wedding ring always.

  • What Is Your Budget? Usiige tu Vya wenzio...
Don't get carried away. Only look at wedding rings within your price range.
  • Metals: Jiwe Gani lipo?
Do you have a preference to which metal you would like? perhaps you'd like a two tone ring.
Some metals are stronger than others. This is a very important fact to take into consideration. Usione Jiwe na shosti ukajua na wewe utapata tuuu!!
The higher the karat: the softer the metal. If you have a hands on job, it may be important to take note when it comes to the actual metal.
Have you an allergy toward any metals? you will wear your wedding ring daily. Make sure you find out for sure. Kuna watu wakivaa gold wanawashwa, wanatoka na vidonda kwa vidole...kuna wengine wakivaa fake ndo balaaaa.

  • Ring Size:
Know your ring size! it is very important that your ring fits perfectly. Snug not tight or loose!

 The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings: Styles, Advice, and Photographs
  • Ring Styles:
Would you like matching rings?
Do you want a gem stone, braiding or decoration (kisasa eeeh). Perhaps you want plain bands?
Do you want your wedding ring to compliment your engagement ring?
Do you have your own unique design? Kuna wajuvi banaaa.
Do you want to get your rings made?
Do you want something completely different?
Would you like to engrave your rings? the width of the band will depend on the inscription.

*Knowing the above pointers should help guide you in the right direction in choosing your wedding rings or at least give you plenty to think about.
 Elegant Two Piece Wedding Ring Set 18kt Gold EP Size 5-10 Lifetime Guarantee Anniversary Engagement Band W293 (8)

Where To Shop:

  • Shopping on line: Mambo ya mitandao!!
Shopping on line is very popular these days and indeed very relaxing. You can browse at your leisure. This is a good way of getting a few ideas as you can comb through quite a few styles in a short amount of time.
  • Catalog shopping:
There is nothing quite like a nice cup of tea while flicking through a glossy magazine. Add a few girlfriends and you'll get oodles of ideas.
  • Jewelry shops:
Jewelry shops in main cities and of course many brand name jewelers too offer a great selection of wedding rings. The personal touch in a shop is often very helpful. Make sure you ask plenty of questions.
If you have a local jeweler you like, make sure you give them a visit and discuss your options with them.
  • Pawn shops:
It's amazing what jewelry you will find in pawn shops. Pawn shops are to jewelry what clothes are to flee markets. Go and have a browse; you might even surprise yourself and find the perfect ring.
  • Auctions:
Check out the auctions. People sell all kinds of things these days. You don't even need to be there as you can bid on line or by phone. You may end up with a future family heirloom.

How much will your wedding rings cost? mambo ya hela sasa!!

Factors That Will Influence Cost!

  • The Metal You Choose!
The usual metal choices are; silver, white or yellow gold, platinum or titanium. A narrow sterling silver or gold band can cost less.
  • The Width:
The width of the band. The wider the band the more expensive the ring.
  • The Weight:
The heavier the metal/ring weighs the more expensive the cost.
  • Decoration:
Braiding and edging will cost a little extra on top of the original price.
  • Karats:
The more the karat the more the price. A 14K gold band can start around 300€ up to 1000€ while an 18K will push the boat out a little further, as much as 1000€ plus. Remember; the wider the width of the band the more expensive the ring.
  • Gemstones:
The addition of gems. Depending on what stone and how many you choose can also increase the cost quite considerably.



When purchasing your rings, don't be afraid to take as much time as you need. Whatever your budget; these wedding rings are important to you and deserve a little deliberation.
If you really are at a complete loss, the best thing to do is take an afternoon off, at your leisure and shop around. Try on different ring styles to see what suits you.
Look at a complete range and narrow down what looks good on your finger. Use what you discover as a base for your search in finding the perfect wedding ring.

The Importance Behind The Rings:

While it's important to choose what's right for you and your betrothed when it comes to your wedding rings; remember, whatever you decide on, don't lose the meaning behind your wedding rings. The important meaning of eternal and never ending love between two people.
The wedding ring is a symbol of eternity. The ring itself being a circle with no beginning and no end. Eternally round. Your wedding ring is a symbol of love, fidelity and marriage. Whether you purchase a 18K gold diamond ring that costs thousands or a simple band of silver. The importance of the message conveyed by your rings in marriage is the same. For better or for worse you are making an eternal statement of togetherness.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Chocolate Hearts Gift Box with Moet Chandon
Kitu cha champaigne for honeymoon

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between culture, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception Music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts. or literature are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony.

Here, my concern is on the point of exchanging gifts. There are a lot of challenges on what gifts to give and sometimes whom the gift should be given in the wedding ceremony. Mambo ya zawadi yamegawanyika saaana depending on the traditions and customs za watu. Where as, in most cases wedding gifts are expected to be given to the brides and grooms, there are also other people to be considered. Wajua kuna wazazi, walezi, maids, wanakamati wa shughuli na pengine hata marafiki wa karibu saaana wa maharusi.

The question remains the same; WHAT TO GIVE? WHOM TO GIVE?

Asikwambie mtu asee...It feels so good to be given a gift, but it feels so special to be given a special gift on your special day like your wedding day! acha banaaa. Kuna zawadi za kutoa kwa maharusi ukiwa kama mgeni mualikwa-the invited guest. Kuna zawadi za kutoa ukiwa kama ndugu wa karibu wa maharusi-the close relative. Hizi huwa ni kwa maharusi na pengine kwa wazazi au walezi.

Calphalon® Unison™ Slide & Sear Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set with Double Bonus
Jikoni eeee
Siku hizi zawadi zatolewa sanaa kwenye KITCHEN PARTIES. Yaani hii ni sherehe mahsusi ya kumuandalia bi harusi mtarajiwa "nyumba" yake. Zawadi hapa, kwa kiasi kikubwa huwa za jikoni-jikoni. Ila siku hizi zimesogea hadi chumbani-chumbani.

Kuna kitu kimeongezwa chaitwa BAG PARTY. Hii ni kama kitchen party ila anafanyiwa bwana harusi mtarajiwa. Wengine wanaiita SEBULE PARTY to reflect zile zawadi ambazo hulenga zaidi kuboresha na kutengeneza sebule ya mtarajiwa. They include the sofa sets, music system, the dinning table and so on.

Sasa challenge kubwa tuliyonayo ni watoa zawadi gani. Kwa ujumla wake ni kwamba toa zawadi ambayo anayepewa atafurahi. Na ili afurahi, basi kwanza mtoaji lazima aipende. Sio watoa zawadi ambayo hata wewe tu huipendi!! How can you give someone a present that you, yourself do not like and appreciate! Mara zote ni kwamba wampa mtu zawadi unayemjua, wajua anachopenda, know what they have been dreaming of having, their real dreams. Kama ni gari, wapeee, kama ni saa ya mkononi wapeee, kama ni shati la ofisini wapeee, kama ni champaige wapee, vitenge,simu za mkononi, mabati ya kuezeka nyumba..hahahahaaa...hata nyumba zenyewe..... lakini hata vidani ni choice nzuuuri.

 Nakumbuka katika harusi yangu nilipewa zawadi nyingi za mashati!! oh maamaah....mashuka!...ila kuna mtu alinipa saa ya mezani...yenye kengele!! patam apo ee..nkapewa dressing mirror kuuubwa...fridge kutoka kwa kutoka kwa my workmates na mijihelaaa!!

Kuna wakati inawalazimu marafiki kuuliza ni zawadi gani ungependa wakupatie. Si mbaya sana ila zawadi nzuri iwe surprise banaaa.LAKINI SASA NI MARA NGAPI WAENDA NA ZAWADI KWA MAHARUSI...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hofu na Keki ya Harusi?– whatever your budget

The Chocolated one

A cake is the stunning centrepiece of your wedding – and cutting it is a magical moment for any couple. A fabulous cake doesn’t have to break the bank, and even if you're on a tight budget, you can you still add a delicious slice of luxury to your day. usiogope asee.

Wedding cake worries

Wedding cakes are rarely seen as an optional extra on the big day, and many couples worry about being charged over the odds for a suitably elegant cake. Of course, you can absolutely blow the budget on confection; at last year's Dallas Bridal Show a display cake worth $1.3 million, decorated with clusters of sapphires and 1,200 carats of diamonds, was reported to be the world’s most expensive wedding cake. UPO HAPOO!! And even closer to home, cakes can be costly. A luxury cake by one of the UK's most popular designers could cost you in the region of £1,500. Kibongobongo yaweza kuwa hadi ONE 'M'! Lakini hata za laki moja ivii zipoo ee.


Cutting cake costs

Sponge and chocolate cakes tend to be less expensive than fruit, so always look at every option when choosing your cake. Cupcake towers are incredibly popular and can cut costs dramatically. Most cake designers can give you a quote on cupcakes, or why not consider baking your own, adding romantic or personal designs to the topping.

If you want the look of a tall, impressive cake but don’t want to spend the earth, you can also consider dummy tiers - polystyrene blocks cleverly disguised as lower cake tiers. Or, reduce the cost of your cake by baking your own sponge or fruit cakes, then having them iced professionally. umeona eeee!!

Buying basic tiers and decorating them yourself is another way to make a saving. Rather than splashing out on expensive decorations. Twende kwa baking trainings sasa.

Buying a cake from a high street retailer, rather than a specialist cake maker, also saves money – and you don't have to compromise on quality.

Apo Jeee?
Kuna wataalamu wa kutosha wa hizi mambo..Just give them a chance.You can also build your own traditional wedding cake with prices low price. Order your own combination of tiers, available in four sizes, to suit the size and style of your wedding. You can mix and match or even have just one tier for an intimate occasion. Personalising each tier with colour coordinated flowers or decorations will make your wedding cake unique and unlike any other. Iko yaendana na wedding color ee.

Cake carriage

If you're ordering a wedding cake, ask about transport as your cake designer may charge extra for delivery and set-up at the venue. You can save money by transporting the cake yourself - and it doesn’t have to be daunting. As long as the cake is constructed on a sturdy base, transportation should be straightforward. If the cake is a standard size, you may be able to buy cake boxes to make life even easier.
Stacked cakes can usually be assembled before they are transported, but if the cake is on pillars you'll need to assemble it at the venue. Rather than carrying the cake from the car to the venue, use a trolley and make sure the venue is prepared for your arrival so you can take the cake straight inside.
Kinyumbani zaidi

Make sure you have a repair kit to hand, just in case anything does go wrong, including extra icing and decorations, and if you need to store the cake at home before it travels to the venue, store it in a cool, dry place in clearly marked boxes to avoid any confusion or disaster.


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Kuna wakati ninaalikwa katika sherehe, yaani mie nakua back bencher, huwa nakua na hamu saana ya kumuona mtendaji kazi mwenzangu (Mc) anavyoipeleka sherehe. sio siri, kuna challenges sana ya uendeshaji wa sherehe. Ukiwa Mc hauzioni ila unaziona vizuri sana ukimuona mwenzio anaendesha shughuli fulani. Kuna wakati nafurahi sana na kuamini kuna watu wamebarikiwa kuwa maMC ila kuna wakati naboreka ile mbayaaaa. Huwa najiuliza, huyu kapewa hii kazi kwa kujitolea au ni ndugu wa wenye shughuli na wamempa kazi hii ajifunze. Worse enough waweza kukutana na the same person katika kazi nyingine na akawa katika kiwango kile kile cha awali.

Mc Natalis Natalis

Nimeendesha shughuli za maofisini kidogo; za kumaliza na kukaribisha mwaka, za kutoa zawadi na kupongezana, za kuwaaga mabosi nk.Lakini nimeendesha shughuli nyingi zaidi za harusi; weddings, send off parties etc. Kuna mambo ya msingi sana nimejifunza Mc hana budi kuwa na ufahamu kabla ya kuendesha shughuli yoyote ile.
Mc Foma Foma

Kwanza kabisa ni aina ya shughuli yenyewe; harusi? send off? cooperate event? tamasha? or what? ni muhimu saaa kujua audience yako; Vijana, wazee, mchanganyiko?

Kama ni harusi, ni ya utamaduni gani (makabila), ni ya kiislamu au kikristo? hakuna kitu kinaboa kama kumkuta Mc anazungumzia champein wakati wahusika wala hawaitaki kabisaaa, kutokana na maadili yao ya dini. Au unafanya harusi ya wahaya halafu unawaita wazazi waende wakapeleke zawadi kwa maharusi!! Ni muhimu sana kujua mila za wahusika na imani zao za dini na kuziheshimu.

Mc Adelly Ngaya
Ukiwa mjuvi wa aina ya watu unaofanya nao shughuli, itakuwia rahisi sana Mc na Dj kujua aina ya muziki ambao audience yako inaweza ku-enjy.

Mc Luvanda Anthony
Zaidi, ni muhimu sana kwa Mc kujali muda. Hakuna raha kufanya sherehe na watu wanajikuta wanapata dinner saa 5 au 6 usiku!! Chagua ratiba nzuri, kuna wakati utalazimika kubadilisha ratiba yako ili kuwafanya watu waenjy sherehe lakini pia wapate chakula katika wakati ambao ni most convenient. Kuna siku nililzimika kumuingiza bibi arusi, katika send off kwa mbwembwe na alipofika mbele, tukapiga sala na kwenda kula kabisaaaa!! wakwe wamekuja saa 3.40 usiku na ukumbi unazima taa saa 6 usiku, apo inakuwaje??

Wanakamati wana challenges sana za kujua uzoefu wa maMC. kuna wakati unakuta umependekezwa kwenye kamati, anakujua mtu mmoja tu na tena hana influence kwa kwa kamati. Hata hivyo, ukiwakuta wanakamati makini, wakifanya interview nzuri, hawasiti kujua ni nani anastahili kufanya kazi yenye hadhi ya kamati yao.
Mc Double A akiwa na Mh Rais Jakaya Kikwete

Ushauri wangu kwa watendaji wenzangu ni kwamba, ukipata kazi ya watu basi ifanye kwa nguvu na akili zako zote ili kuendelea kujenga jina zuri la watendaji hapa nchini. Kama wajua haupo na nafasi uwe mkweli ili io kazi apewe mtendaji mwenzio na sio unategemewa wewe halafu unawapelekea Mc mwingine bila hata ya kuwataarifu. Hata kama uyo Mc mwiegine ni mzuri saaana, bado imani yako kwa wanakamati inakua ndogo na unawafanya waamini kwamba maMc wote wana tabia hiyo.

Cover Photo


Friday, June 15, 2012


Kitu cha Purple
Wakati naandaa harusi yangu, back in 2007, katika mambo yaliyokua yananiumiza kichwa ilikua harusi yangu iwe na rangi gani?? kila harusi niliyokua nikifanya (kama Mc) nilikua naona watu wamependeza tu..lakini bado nikawa naona kuna kitu wana-miss. Though nilitegemewa na ndugu na jamaa kwamba nina exposure ya kutosha katika tastes za different weddings, ilipokuja suala la rangi NILICHEMKA! funny eeh? My young sis, Hellena (aka Mama Mary Manka), came to my rescue. Akatamka tu "GREEN APPLE NA CREAM" and so it was. MEN ARE BLIND OF COLOURS.

Hot Pink na Purple
Rangi ya harusi ni issue ya kufikirisha sana kama unataka harusi iwe na ladha inayokidhi kiu yako. Wajua ndoto za harusi na hasa kwa kina dada (ma bi harusi), huanza tangu wakati wa kuchezea vifuuu; kule kabisa utotoni! Sasa, if you did not know, waweza ku-ruin your wedding just because of the choice of the wedding colour. Yaani waweza ona bi harusi kanunaaaa, kisa kumbe you gave them a very wrong choice of their colour.

Ni vizuri sana kuwashirikisha ladies katika kuchagua rangi mahususi ya harusi. Ni wao kwa kiasi kikubwa ndo hushonaga sare sare mauaa kwa ajili ya kutokelezeiya na rangi hiyo ya wedding; Maids, dadaz, mamaz, mashangaz etc. Kina kaka, mara nyingi utawaona wamepiga mashati au just a tie or neck-tie yenye rangi ya wedding. Hata hivyo kwa modern designers wakuta kina kaka wana single-button ya ukweli ya rangi ya wedding. (angalia page yangu ya Maids dresses apo juu).

Tangarine Tango
Wedding colour huwekwa na designers wa ughaibuni na kuleta what they call A WEDDING COLOUR OF THE YEAR. Kwa Mfano 2012 ni TANGARINE TANGO! That suggested colour ndo wakuta yachanganywa na rangi nyingine sasa. Some would have two colours...wengi wako apo. Others would have three mixed colours, some four and others even more (Kachumbari baab). Kwa wenzetu huwa na different colours kutokana na theme ya harusi yako; Formal, Romantic, Beach au yaangalia majira ya mwaka; Winter, Summer, Fall/Autumn etc (see 

All in all, kuna wakati unaona colour of the year does not suite your tastes, don't is your special day. Give yourself a break and decide. Hudhuria harusi za wenzio, tembelea mitandao na blog hii, kaa na marafiki na ndugu ila mwisho wa siku ni wewe na mwenzi wako ndio wa kuamua mwapenda rangi gani kwa wedding yenu.

Some of the best wedding colour combinations include the following; Tangerine Tango & Pink, Blue Willow & White, Black & White, Orange & Pink, Chocolate & Gold, Black & Silver, Red & White, Maroon & Gold, Silver, Merlot & White; Chocolate, Red & Gold; Hot Pink, Purple, Hot Yellow & Silver....and so many more.
Red & White

Apo Jeee???

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


One early reference to a honeymoon is in Deuteronomy 24:5 “When a man is newly wed, he need not go out on a military expedition, nor shall any public duty be imposed on him. He shall be exempt for one year for the sake of his family, to bring joy to the wife he has married.
Originally "honeymoon" simply described the period just after the wedding when things are at their sweetest; it is assumed to wane in a month. The earliest term for this in English was hony moone, which was recorded as early as 1546.

In Western culture, the custom of a newlywed couple going on a holiday together originated in early 19th century Great Britain, a concept borrowed from the Indian elite, in the Indian Subcontinent. Upper-class couples would take a "bridal tour", sometimes accompanied by friends or family, to visit relatives who had not been able to attend the wedding. The practice soon spread to the European continent and was known as voyage à la façon anglaise (English-style voyage) in France from the 1820s on.
 Typically honeymoons would start on the night they were married, with the couple leaving midway through the reception to catch a late train or ship. However, in the 21st century, many couples will not leave until 1–3 days after the ceremony and reception in order to tie up loose ends with the reception venue and/or simply enjoy the reception to its fullest and have a relaxing night afterwards to recover, before undertaking a long journey.

A recent survey by the marriage council of America stated, that on average honeymoon couples have sexual intercourse two times while on a honeymoon.

The problem usually is, we seldom plan for this HONEYMOON. Some people do not even know who is responsible to pay for honeymoon. Some have gone to the extent of proposing this idea to wanakamati for them to include it in the reception budget. For this, wanakamati would treat this as zawadi ya kamati for  the couple. Other lucky couples would be lifted by the groom's parents or relatives to support them financially. However, i believe (as I once pointed out) that honeymoon is among the groom's responsibility. It is so important to plan for this, months before the wedding.

Honeymoon serves as mfano wa raha katika ndoa. Though many just think of it to come some days after the wedding, very few give it a credit and weight to be part of their marriage life. It is believed that, couples who will dare leaving their bed and go out to a hotel in the same town or travel away from the town they live, are more likely to rekandle their marriage love.

Get out, nendeni Jangwani Sea Breeze, La Paz Pub, Grand Villa, White sands, au hata kwetu kuleeee...just to have fun!! DO NOT JUST LET IT HAPPEN...PLAN FOR IT: HONEYMOON.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Baada ya kujipanga kwa muda wa kutosha, kijana mtanashati Joseph Andrew Buko, jana alifunga pingu za maisha na wake wa ubani wa siku nyingi, Aminatha Amin Makanyaga na kufuatiwa na sherehe saaafi pale Lamada Hotels, Ilala Dar es Salaam. tiririka nasi apa.....

Bw Joseph na mkewe Aminatha

Lamada Hotels high Table

Wedding Cake

Bw Joseph na Bi Aminatha wakiingia ukumbini

Dj akiwa kazini

McNdimbo akifungua Champaigne na kitu cha Dushelele

Raha ya champaigne Vifungu banaa

Matron, Bi Irene Joseph akiwaandalia maharusi keki

Bi Aminatha Joseph akiwashika mkono wakwe zake baada ya kuwakabidhi keki

Bw Joseph na Bi Aminatha wakipeleka keki kwa wazazi wa bi harusi

Bw Joseph akiwapa wakwe zake keki

Wageni waalikwa wakijiachia na muziki wa pekee; Kitambaa Cheupee

Bi Aminatha akitambulisha

Bw Joseph akiwa katika pouz...

Wazazi na Wakwe wakisubiri kupata ndafu

Bestman, aitwa pia Joseph akikata ndafu; hii wanakula maharusi na wazazi wao tu!

Maharusi na wasimamizi wao wakimenyuka!

Ze Anko akitoa neno la nasaha kwa niaba ya baba mzazi

Mama Jose akitoa neno la nasaha pia..

Jerusalemu Vibrant Brothers wakitoa burudani

Mdau, Mama Benaiah (Mrs Mc) akitoka kuwatuza waburudishaji

The twinz maids; Kurwa na Dotto wametokelezeiya

Wakwe wijipa raha na mambo ya Sangula...Pogoro original!

Mtu wa Watu! Mh Kombe ...all the way from Mwanza!! Big up!

Mh Kombe (kushoto) akitoa neno la nasaha, kulia ni Afande Mpinga

Mr & Mrs Joseph wakiwa na wakuu wa kazi wa Bw Joseph

Kamanda Mpinga, Afisa Mnadhimu wa Polisi-Tanzania akitoa neno kutoka Singida


McNdimbo Akijiandaa kufungua champaigne